World Language

CIS offers two world languages in addition to English. Students in grades 1-6 attend world language each day where they learn to speak, read, and write the language. TK and Kindergarten students attend a few times a week as an introduction to the World Language.


We are proud to offer a robust STEAM program both in the general education classroom and during our specialty time. Students attend class in our state-of-the art Makerspace where they participate in the engineering and design process through lessons involving robotics, 3D printing, science, technology, free building creations and pottery.

Fine Arts

Ukulele class, drawing, painting, clay creations, dancing, and singing are just a few of the fine arts opportunities that have been offered at CIS. As part of our whole-child education, students are presented with lessons that develop their artistic skills that all students have inside of them!


Students are encouraged to learn about all people, cultures and global opportunities, and our library time gives students the opportunity to do just that! Students read stories, create projects, and learn about the world during their weekly library time. They also have the opportunity to check out books they can read at home.


CIS offers after school clubs for an additional fee. These clubs usually center around technology and coding, the arts–such as piano and ballet classes, robotics–such as lego league or physical activities like archery and soccer club. We offer a variety of opportunities for students each year during our after school time.