CIS challenges students and nurtures their highest potential. By providing a learning community based in the guiding principles of respect, integrity, responsibility and individual learning, the innate desire of all children to learn, grow, communicate, and create is honored.

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Tuition assistance

As an international school we believe that diversity is a prerequisite for excellence. A diverse school community enriches the experience of students, families, and faculty. When we embrace diversity we are a stronger, more dynamic school- and we become more innovative, more collaborative, and a more cohesive school body.

We know that sustaining diversity depends on an inclusive community and that creating that type of environment is our shared responsibility. We are committed to all kinds of diversity including socio-economic diversity, and we work individually with families to help make our school an affordable option through Indexed Tuition, which takes into account a family’s ability to pay. When a family qualifies for Indexed tuition they pay tuition below the top of the index.

How to Apply for indexed tuition:

To apply to pay tuition below the top of the index, we ask families to register with School and Student Services by the National Association of Independent Schools, where families can input their financial information. SSS uses the information to evaluate a family's ability to afford tuition. If you would like more information on how to apply please contact our admissions office at


Academic Scholarships:

CIS offers a limited number of math and science academic scholarships to upper elementary students. Academic scholarships are awarded based upon merit. If you would like more information on how to apply please contact our admissions office at