CIS has a robust academic program based upon gaining a greater understanding of international culture, facilitated by the tools required of a global citizen, world languages, math, science, technology, engineering, and the arts.

Over the period of their enrollment at CIS, our students will have the opportunity to advance their grade level performance through our project-based learning curriculum. The innovative teaching and learning approach that utilizes exploration, research, technology, world language, and the development of personalized learning goals for each student, allows them to experience a whole-child education.This, along with being immersed in an IB education, will open the door for CIS students to be accepted to middle school and high schools of their choice and will provide an academic grounding that will enable them to flourish in their academic careers.

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Our Four Pillars

World Language

Our language learning is designed to be inclusive of multiple disciplines. We incorporate the Arts, world languages, and programming, thus preparing students to have a powerful impact in the world

International Culture

We believe in the power of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by incorporating the diversity of multiple cultures. It is our intention to nurture global citizens, who are able to navigate complex problems.

Community Collaboration

Our community develops the vision to explore new ideas, in order to seek solutions, and lead the movement to create change. Together, we make a greater difference than we could generate as individuals.

Innovative Education

We create conditions for students to develop and explore their curiosity, through innovative learning environments that will challenge them to become more creative, critical thinkers.

Before and After Care

CIS offers both before and after school care. A full program is offered that compliments our school day curriculum.